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Keywords Spy Tool Review


Give your site the exposure it needs

Keywords Spy is an amazing tool if you use PPC as a method of getting targeted traffic.

What Keywords Spy Tool does is to tell you exactly what keywords your competitors are using and which ones are making them the most money.

The most common way that PPC marketers create a profitable Adwords campaign is to start off with hundreds or even thousands of keywords along with 5 or 10 ad variations, set up sales tracking to see which ones create sales and make the most money, then scrap the ones that don’t until they’re left with a group of high converting words and ads that make consistent profits.

So…if I were setting up a campaign to promote a Clickbank product search through all the Adwords listings until you found someone advertising the same product, make note of the URL, go to Keywords Spy Account, type in the domain name and see which keywords they were bidding on.

Then create your own promotion and then literally copy the keywords and ads (making a few changes to the ad copy to avoid any trouble) and hopefully start making some money pretty quickly.

Whether this would happen straight away is certainly not definate, but what you would certainly do is save yourself a few hundred (or more like a few thousand) dollars by NOT bidding and collecting data on keywords that have already been proven not to make money!

Keywords Spy is a great tool as well as a big time and money saver.



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